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Welcome to Blackwood Clinic


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NEW PATIENTS ARE WELCOME Please phone reception on 8278 6666 to make an appointment.

At this time the Blackwood Clinic books are open and some of the doctors are taking new patients. Reception staff are able to advise which of the doctors (both male and female) are able to offer appointments to new patients. Individual doctors will close their books when waiting times for appointments for their existing patients increase to an unacceptable level.

The practice endeavours to make appointments available on a daily basis for patients who need urgent medical care. Please advise reception if you are unwell and need urgent review. Reception staff may need either a doctor or nurse to assess the urgency.



Our Vision Statement:

To be a Medical Practice of Excellence.

Our Mission Statement:

1. To provide competent, efficient, and timely, medical services for patients.

2. To enhance patient responsibility for their own health through the provision of collaborative, informed and cost effective medical and nursing care.

3. To create a supportive, enjoyable and sustainable place of work for all staff members.

4. To seek to improve all services through continual review of practice procedures and processes.

5. To advocate for a sustainable health system that addresses the competing needs of patients, health service providers and community financial resources.