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General Practitioner Registrar

Blackwood Clinic is affiliated with Royal Australian College General Practitioners (RACGP) and is committed to the highest quality of training and education for the future general practitioners in Australia.

GP Registrars are qualified doctors undertaking post-graduate training in the speciality of General Practice. Being qualified medical doctors, GP Registrars are knowledgeable and skilled. Registrars at Blackwood Clinic will undertake 6-12 month supervised rotations as part of their 3 year training program.

RACGP has devised a structured set of "modules" for GP Registrars to complete during the first 12 months of their time in general practice. GP Registrars at Blackwood Clinic can be anywhere within the final 2 years of their training program, and as such their experience in general practice can vary. GP Registrars often come from a very diverse background of previous medical (and other) careers.

Registrars on placement within our clinic work under the supervision and guidance of our GP Supervisory Team and our Registrars are a valuable and integral part of providing health care to our patients. They receive a great opportunity to work in a busy, yet supportive environment that focuses on family medicine and community health.

At Blackwood Clinic they can tap into decades of experience and insight from our team. After six or twelve months, Registrars generally move on to their next placement. Once they complete their final exams and are fully fledged General Practitioners, many continue their careers at Blackwood Clinic.

Current Registrars:

Dr Merlyn Pinto Barreto started working with us from February 2023. Merlyn is available for appointments 4 days per week.

Dr Jana Newman started working with us from February 2023. Jana is available for appointments Monday and Tuesday.

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