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General health advice and check ups

General Health Concerns

As General Practitioners our top priority is to look after your general health and well-being. We aim to pick up any major health problems before they even occur. As such it is important to see your GP for regular health checks even when you don’t have any specific health concerns. Depending on your age and medical history we can monitor for any changes via close physical examination and investigation with any tests as needed.

Specific Health Concerns

If you have a specific health concern a GP is a good place to start. GPs have a very broad medical knowledge but also have a great deal of knowledge about many specific health problems. We may be able to diagnose the problem and start your management straight away. If further investigation is required we can arrange this. If specialist input is required we can advise you on your options and provide a timely referral.

Driver’s License Medicals

All of our GP’s can perform routine driver’s licence medicals. Please let the receptionist know that you are getting a driver’s licence assessment done, as extra time may be required.
If you are aged 70 or older, you may be required to get a yearly medical assessment to maintain your driver’s licence, which can be performed by your GP.

At any age if you have been diagnosed with a new health condition, you may be required to disclose it to the relevant licensing authorities. If you do not it may affect your insurance liability in case of any accidents. If you are uncertain about the licensing requirements of any health conditions please discuss it with your GP.
Standards for commercial and non-commercial driver’s licenses can be different. If you have any health problems or require an initial medical assessment when applying for a commercial license please see your GP.

Insurance Assessments

When applying for certain kinds of insurance you may be required to have a health check. Some insurance companies may request a health summary or copy of your old medical notes. These can not be released without your permission. Depending on the insurance company, they may cover the cost of the assessment or you may be required to cover the cost yourself. Please let the reception staff know if you are coming in for an insurance medical, as extra time may be required.

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